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Real case studies and successful portfolios

Investing in fine wines means choosing alternative assets that are able to take the shape of safe haven goods in the event of recessions and traditional market crashes. Their main characteristic, indeed, lies in having a very low correlation with financial dynamics typical of stocks and bonds and with their unpredictable swings and fluctuations. Understanding why it is important to invest in wine therefore means realizing that diversifying one's own portfolio is a way of safeguarding one's own wealth by betting on assets with very low-risk and good-return. In this section we present to you a series of case studies of portfolios that have performed successfully, subdividing them according to the investment type and vintage.

Achieving these results is not an everyday affair, let's make that immediately clear. The average gain with fine wines is around 10/12% per year. Through these real-life case histories, however, we wanted to show you how, thanks to the help of a real expert and a strong ability to analyse the market, fine wines can indeed prove to be important allies for everyone who looks for alternative investments with which safeguard their capital.

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